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New Exiles of Lordaeron Site Launch

by Falorien., 7 days ago

As we go in to Legion, Exiles of Lordaeron has launched a new web site to help us plan and coordinate raid strategies. EOL has been a guild on Stormrage since WoW Vanilla in 2005. We have alternated between being a hard core raiding guild with multiple 40 man teams to a casual progression guild. 

For Legion we will be coordinating two main raid teams. The progression team will be focused on killing bosses among the fastest on the server and will be filled with those most dedicated to the bleeding edge of this game.

For those who are less focused, but still wish to experience raiding, we will also have a casual raid team. The experience and knowledge of the progression team will filter down to the casual team to help them progress, but the emphasis for the casual team will be on fun.

For those who just wish to play and share experiences with a fun group of people, there are often dungeon runs and other events going on.

If a family friendly, fun group of people who love to play World of Warcraft sounds like it is for you, click the Apply to Guild link in the upper left corner to learn more about joining EOL.

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